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Our founder has a long history of working with and being involved with non-profits and ministries as they grow and pursue their operational goals. We know how each operate and what they need to be able to succeed, and we're going to pour all our knowledge and experience into you so you can pour all you effort into others.

Let's do it together

We'll Help You Help Others

We want your non-profit or ministry  to be the most successful it can be. with over 15 years experience  in both areas, and we know all the hills and valleys of each landscape. So let's talk about what we know it takes to be successful.

You need:

• A strong web presence, beginning with a fully built out website

• Professional development and management of your social media accounts

• Accessible text-to-give or donation services

• Simplified volunteer registration and recruiting systems

• Easy-to-use guest welcome/visitor engagement services

Luckily, we do All that for you.

Automated Services

Social Media and Campaigns

Web Development

Automated Services

Let's make everything easier. From donations to sign-ups, get it all automated so you can get back to the work that needs to be done. Everything is cutting edge too, so you won't have to worry about anything becoming obsolete or disappearing. It's all simplified, making it easy for you.

Social Media/Campaings

The internet is a tool. Why don't we use it? We'll show you how to use social media to your advantage, bringing people into your cause or church. Keep your audience up to date, and engage new users with each post and photo. All of our research will be in your hands.

Web Development

Your first impression is the most important. Having a fully fleshed out website is key to not only building reputation, but being able to share your accomplishments, motives, and heart as well. Whether it's redemption or recycling, we'll build you a site that states who you are and what you'll do.

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