Don't do it on your own.

There is one goal with the Kratos Solutions: partner with small businesses by giving them the tools they need to succeed in the constantly changing business world. To do that, we've created software, strategies, and short-cuts to make sure you hit the ground running. With focuses on consulting and business automation, Kratos Solutions doesn't just give our clients a few pdfs and videos and send them down the road. We form a real partnership and help them walk out the road until they can reach their full potential. That means full access to us and our team, whenever our clients need it.

That's the Kratos Advantage.

From the word "Go", Kratos Solutions has been about helping the small teams have the strength of the corporate ones. Our consulting goes further beyond the standard, and focuses on forming an actual partnership where our clients get access to our team when they need it. No more sending out an email into the "Customer Service" void and hoping you get responses by the end of 48 hours.


Get the help you need fast, and from real people.

It's time to get more done with less work. Kratos Solutions has done the research and development to offer our clients cutting edge tools and strategies to have their work do the work for them. Do you build quotes for your clients? Now it's a three minute process instead of a three hour process. And that's just the surface. Set email campaigns and auto responders with the tools we have.

Take back control of your time, and run your business like you own it.

The software that started this all. Our founder set out to create a simple to use yet extremely potent piece of client management software. Kratos CRM is the forerunner in small business client management systems, set at a price point that lets the smaller guys get their hands on it, but powerful enough to keep up with your growing client base.


Kratos CRM is a small business stand alone application made with the customer in mind.

From Our Founder

There is not much more that can make you uncomfortable, nervous, or down right frightened than starting your own business. Going out on your own and taking the leap of faith to believe in yourself, your ideas, and your products is one of the most difficult things you can do in your life. That's why we created Kratos Solutions. We offer a hand in hand option for those of you who are just like us: able to create amazing products, but just don't know where to start. If we didn't get the help we needed, we never would have made it. But here we are, and here you are. So let's cut through all the nonsense. Realize coaching doesn't work, and gurus don't actually help you. But the Kratos team is dedicated to your growth, scaling and success. If you've been trying on your own for a long time now, why not take the chance of having a world class team on your side?

We want you to win, to thrive and to grow your business into the company of your dreams.

Let us show you how.

Kevin Suter

CEO & Founder

Kratos Solutions LLC

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