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Whether we like it or not, technology is advancing at an extremely rapid rate. That doesn't mean you have to be left behind, though. We've looked into every avenue of technology that's out there, and found the best ones for small businesses to use. With a little research and development, we've locked down the most intuitive and most engaging technologies on the market. From email marketing to customer service, we've found ways to keep your clients interested and feel like they're being talked to without you having to spend hours answering phones that don't stop ringing. Keep track of them too, with our proprietary Customer Relation Management system Kratos CRM.


Welcome to the new way of doing things.

See What Automation Can Do For You

Try It For Yourself

Everyone knows seeing is believing. So try it. Below are a few examples we've made for our clients, showcasing the power of our services. Follow the links below to see how it all works in action.

Customer Feedback

This is an easy one. After you finish working with a customer, have them fill out this short survey to see what they thought of your services and products. It's simple and fast, but great for finding out what your clients really think of you.

Product/Services Sales

How about selling a single set service or product? This example is from a massage studio that needed a faster way to get client's information while still offering special offers on their services. See how it turned  out below.

Quote/Bid Building

Need to set up a job, but don't want to commit to a price yet? This examples shows how we can gather all the information for you job and do all the calculations for you in one fell swoop. Check it out.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Collecting email and leads for your business? Store them inside our proprietary Customer Relations Management software, Kratos CRM. Send emails and texts, communicate with and set tasks for employees, and track your finances all within one application.

Answer questions without ever seeing them. Give us your most frequently asked questions, and we'll set up auto responders and services to help keep clients informed without you responding to emails or calls all day long. 

Time is money, especially when you create quotes for your clients. What if you could substantially free up your time? Kratos has created systems and solutions to cut down the time it takes to build quotes and bids, doing all the hard work for you in a fraction of the time.

Say Hello to Kratos CRM

Are you using multiple applications and software to run your small business? You might want to take a look at Kratos CRM. Built for the small guys by the small guys, Kratos CRM replaces the multiple subscriptions and services with a single app that's affordable and powerful. Take a look for your self and see what Kratos CRM can do for your business.

Interested in the Future of Business?

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